Sunday, 3 May 2009

Reiki Woman

I'm currently getting my sound pallete together for this new and exciting album. It will be co-written with Llewellyn, an established New Age artist, and feature vocals from Juliana.
The feel of the album will be vocalesque with choir pads and laid back instruments making it ideal for Reiki healing, or just to chill out to after a stressful day.

Album should be released middle of 2009.

Niall Albums 2009

Here are 15 Albums or greetings cards featuring my music. There are another 6 or so, just available for download from itunes.

The Albums written so far are Reiki River. Reiki River is beautiful healing album. Specially timed 5 minute tracks create an hour of ideal music for a Reiki treatment.

Reiki River features flute, gentle guitar, keyboards and healing bowls.

Set against a background soundscape of soft flowing natural sounds of water, Reiki River is refreshing and like the energy of water, it will cleanse and help wash away the negativity.

The Album Calling my Angels was completed last year. Featuring the classic angelic vocals of Juliana, Calling my Angels is a beautiful relaxing celestial aurora of sound. It's ideal for treatments such as Reiki & Massage and creates the perfect atmosphere for raising angel energy and healing.

Another interest I have is the Life & culture of the Native American people. My first tribute to these wonderful people was Spirit of the Shaman. Creating wonderful magical imagery in this inspiring tribute to the Shaman. There is a real sense of all the tribes coming together for the gathering. The rhythmic energy of the calling and mystery within the music, celebrate the medicine man and his great wisdom and teachings.

My latest Native American album is called Power Animals. This was released Jan. 2009. Shamans believe that everyone has power animals-animal spirits that reside with each individual adding to their power and protecting them. Each track sets out to capture the spirit and essence of a particular animal through music. Featuring skin drums, hand made native American flutes and percussion.

Check out the Audio clips & enjoy the music.